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Barcelona plan

"Plan Barcelona" refers to the series of actions derived from Airport Director Plan (1999) which have been carried out since its approval. Worth special mention are the construction and coming into operation of the third runway 07R-25L and the new terminal T1, the modernization of the old facilities and the provision of further road and railway access to Barcelona Airport.

This chapter deserves differential treatment given AOGA’s special involvement in the Plan Barcelona, which set off AOGA’s projects in 2003 with a dissertation at COPAC about the third runway’s coming into operation and management. It has continued up to the present time as participant in CSAAB (Committee for the environmental follow-up on the expansion works at Barcelona Airport) and GTTR (Technical workgroup on noise matters) representing surrounding city councils.

AOGA has played an important role in the corrections that have been made since 2004 to the initial projects to manage the new runway; in this respect, we took part as technical spokespeople in the bilateral community- airport committees starting in March 2005. That marked the beginning of present-time GTTR, to which AOGA has belonged since its creation.

Among the most outstanding projects developed by AOGA in that context, we shall mention the present design of the 07L threshold bypass, the relocation of ILS antennas to enable reversibility of the runway change-of-role model, proposals on noise abatement and air traffic discipline procedures, studies on the advisability of keeping the operation on semi-mixed mode, design and corrections on the AIP description of turning maneuvers during take-off on runway 25L, initiatives to reduce the percentage of use of non preferential configuration, proposals to implement and publicize surveillance radar tracks, etc. These and many other projects are described in more detail in the "Projects" section.

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