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The geometry and architecture of each airport are key factors in the subsequent noise impact produced once operations start. On occasion, small alterations in the infrastructure, such as minor paving work or relocation of radio aids among others, can mean substantial changes with outstanding benefits for the environmental quality.

Runway design: we carry out feasibility studies to change airport geometry by building new runways, extending already existing ones, taxiways, by-passes and other elements whose development may derive in improved infrastructures.
Capacity studies: AOGA has SIMMOD training which is a computer resource that can predict with extreme precision an airport’s capacity depending on the different parameters introduced. Since 2007, AOGA has been a member of ESUG (European SIMMOD Users Group), a group of European specialists which meets periodically to exchange experiences and projects.
Ground maneuvers: studies to optimize aircraft taxiways, ROT’s or runway occupancy times by departing or arriving aircrafts, relocation of radio aids in connection to the above elements and any other parameters which may have a direct effect on improved air traffic flow and operations and movements on ground.
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