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From the study of noise contours and sonometric data, we extract the objective values to make the correct diagnose of the problems a particular airport or area faces. Although the development of this aspect does not directly diminish noise pollution, it provides information on the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the measures carried out in other areas. AOGA supervises studies on the following issues:

Computer modelling: through an INM (Integrated Noise Model), which is a widely recognized and accepted computer tool that can predict the noise contours caused by air operations thanks to multiple databases –such as runway design and management, aircraft fleet, flight profiles, traffic density, prevailing weather conditions, etc. – which are incorporated into the model.
Sonometers and integrated measuring systems: given a correct design and placement of a sonometer network, we can establish a correlation between the predicted contours extracted via INM and the real impact analyzed by such network. AOGA also works on the application of the surveillance radar tracks and their integration with the sonometric network so as to analyse this information and publicise it via internet.
Complaints and Inquiries management: AOGA takes part in the development of relationship systems between airport management and citizens in order to improve attention to and communication with the population affected by noise pollution.
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