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Aviation procedures define and establish the range of aircraft maneuvers, making them a very valuable tool in noise management. The search for elements related to air operations both in the area of procedures and regulations is a contributing factor to lessen noise pollution.

Noise Abatement Departure Procedures: NADPís are established by ICAO regulations. Their right choice, implementation and execution derive in remarkable improvement in the levels of noise pollution.
Continuous Descend Approach: CDAís which aim at employing minimal engine power during descend and approach maneuvers resulting in fuel saving and a decrease in fume emissions and noise pollution.
Precision navigational Procedures: RNAV,s and PRNAV,s allow a more accurate navigation in such a way that aircraft fly with greater accuracy within the pre-established routes thus reducing track dispersion.
Air traffic discipline procedures: a series of multiple restrictions that need to be evaluated for each airport in particular. They are extremely useful in the fight against noise impact as they are adapted to each set of problems.
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